Vienna, Austria at the Hofburg Palace Balls

I love to see where gowns from our shop make their way out in the world. My client was kind enough to share some images of the lovely Wisteria in Velvet gown at her ball in Vienna, Austria. The final design has a sheer ruffle added to the bustline and flowers trailing down the skirt in continuation of the flowers on the corset.



Solstiss Lace

Here is a shot we did with the Solstiss lace yardage I picked out from the 2014 Oxford Conference of Corsetry at a huge discount. I actually wanted this in the blue/brown colorway to use to make a corset influenced by the brick work but plan to use the white against a black or navy blue velvet instead.

Laurie Tavan I-2

Photographer: Chris Murray
Model: Ella Rose

Etsy Shop Floral Crowns

Upon suggestions from some friends I finally opened an Etsy Store “LaurieTavan”. Right now you can find the floral wisteria crowns from my first fashion show available for purchase. I’ll be listing some framed photographs as well as costuming & corsets in the near future.

I think the floral pieces would be great for easter. My son keeps trying them on!


Blackberry Vixen

Another lovely trying on this gown. Half way done with the gown, while it was still on the form, I had decided it was a failure. Something convinced me to continue on and with a lot more hand sewing it finally was close to what I envisioned! It has looks fabulous on all three ladies I’ve tried it on thus far.


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