Black Velvet Waistcoat: bust pads & button planning

The velvet waistcoat is close to done. I’m contemplating adding a touch of bias piping…

Here are some inprogress shots –

Wool half moons:

These were lightly basted together to create the bust pads that fill out the area between the shoulder and the bust.

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18th century suit: stripe waistcoat inprogress

I’ve started going through all the photos I took of the wedding garments in progress and decided some might be nice to share. Here is one showing how I cut out the shape of the pocket I wanted and drew on the lines to match the fabric below to be able to easily pattern match when cutting.

You can see the white chalk marking the buttonholes and the placement of the embroidery designs. Everything was chalked and then the embroidery was done prior to cutting the fabric.

Wedding diary: Jeremy’s opinion on multiple fittings

So maybe I wanted too many photos but I think this photo shows Jeremy’s opinion on the multiple fittings.


“Why do I have to try on the waistcoat under the mock up of the jacket?” he asked. He darn well knows why, he was just being plain SILLY!