Costume college: day 2- Collection tour (part 2)

Western Costume continued….

We were given a tour around the facility. Starting with the shop where you can find anything you might need for a project. I wouldn’t mind having one of these rooms in my house instead of running off to the store of having to order something online. But I believe the room was larger than my entire house.

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Livermore Scottish Games: the Needle’s Eye

Packing for the event:

We had a successful, albeit disgustingly hot weekend up in Livermore, CA this weekend. Our group decided to try out a new theme. We portrayed a tailors shop displaying garments and actually hand sewing portions of garments on site. The goal was to demonstrate and teach about sewing in the Renaissance. I found that people were much more willing to come up and ask what I was doing when working on a beautiful gown rather than when I’m wearing it. Continue reading Livermore Scottish Games: the Needle’s Eye

Italian gown: sneak peek

I’ve started the next portion of my Italian gown. Here is a quick preview:


The petticoat patterning for the silk fabric is 9 pieces and the linen lining 14 pieces! It was fun putting them all together. If you come by the Needle’s Eye at Livermore Scottish games this weekend I’ll be working on hemming the skirt if you want to see it in person. I’ll also be working on pulling & knotting tons of threads on my stays. I’m trying reed as boning this time around.

Colonial Williamsburg: visitor’s center & historic areas

We left our car at the visitor’s center and took the bus and walked the rest of the day around the historic center before hitting one of the museums. I really wish I had more than one day there :( So I guess I’ll be planning a trip back!


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Colonial Williamsburg: brief overview


The day started slowly with the realization that a lot more was closed in Colonial Williamsburg than expected. Not a single tavern was open this winter. Winter programming started Jan. 1st. and a lot of repairs and construction were happening in the “off season”. There was plenty to do in one day though! I’m so glad I made it down there while out on the east coast. Continue reading Colonial Williamsburg: brief overview

Pisa, Italy: A gown of a duchess – court dress of a Madonna

Some of use went on an optional trip to the Laboratorio Centro Restauro Tessili in the Cittadella of Pisa for a private viewing of the Renaissance dresses from the Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale. I’m going to share some photos of what others have dubbed the “new” Eleonora di Toledo gown or the “red” Eleonora gown:

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Costume Colloquium: day five – textile conservation

Skipping ahead as I have a moment before we take the cab to the airport…

Nov 9

A look at some of the gowns we were able to examine and photograph:

I was just happy to get this quick shot of all three together, as a preview, just as the mob of people were leaving the building.

Costume Colloquium: day two

The internet was down in my hotel and until today it was difficult to get online with my laptop (which meant NO access to my photographs to share).

Nov. 5 We were allowed to observed & handle some of Janet Arnold’s work including ruffs & linens. Here are a couple shots:

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