Only now I realize I haven’t written about attending carnivale in Venice last year as I finish putting away and start mending my garments from this years carnivale! I will have to go back and rectify this oversight.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I can put together so many outfits for these events. To be honest, I can’t! I don’t have the time to make many new things for myself so I pull from my closet and restyle. Here I’ll show you the same gown restyled multiple ways for different events:

Costume College 2015: Original styling based off an extant gown:

Carnivale 2016 Atlantis party: Worn with eyelet petticoat and “coral” stomacher and headdress with glass Murano fishes

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Daze of Laur

One of the corsets I made for display at the Barefoot coffee show that wasn’t completed in time. It became a gift for our lovely nanny. It was done in Daze of Laur brown and orange with this delicate & fun vintage french trim along each edge. I’d love to revisit this color scheme. Now to go find the rest of that trim, I had a touch left…


R&G pair of bodies: Today’s progress

I’ve progressed further on the red and gold corset today. Hand sewing bias binding is a good way to keep your hands busy all day.


The rest of the day was filled with laundering,pressing 16 yards of wool, adding content to the about laurie section on the website, adding fabrics to my swatch book, adding 10 trims to the Fabric Stash section, patterning a corset, altering a corset, photographing, household chores and eating. I’ll soon be asleep.