Only now I realize I haven’t written about attending carnivale in Venice last year as I finish putting away and start mending my garments from this years carnivale! I will have to go back and rectify this oversight.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I can put together so many outfits for these events. To be honest, I can’t! I don’t have the time to make many new things for myself so I pull from my closet and restyle. Here I’ll show you the same gown restyled multiple ways for different events:

Costume College 2015: Original styling based off an extant gown:

Carnivale 2016 Atlantis party: Worn with eyelet petticoat and “coral” stomacher and headdress with glass Murano fishes

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Blue and black underbust: added to gallery

Final photos have been added to the gallery finally:) Here is a shot of the high-backed underbust along with the other two corsets made in the same fabrics in the past year. Look at what different results you can get using the same colors and fabrics in different combinations:

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FR Stipey corset: finished

I ended up having to redo one seam to get the stripes to be more similar from side to side :) I’m happy with the end results, quite a tedious but wonderful project :) Using the same patterning techniques, the wider stripes of this fabric were actually a lot harder to match up then the smaller sets of stripes on the black & white corset I finished last year.


More inprogress photos below:
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Stripy corset: fusing, cutting, & beginning construction

This month I wrote an article for Foundations Revealed on matching stripes in corsetry. I’ve taken the tutorial fabric and proceeded onto making the actual corset from the demo in the article.

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Blue & Black underbust: pretty stripy bias binding :)

This corset has been sitting waiting on my mannequin and I felt inspired to finish something so I went ahead and applied binding. Stripe binding no less. I think it is a fun, playful element that ties in with the black piping.

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