New Blog Layout

By now you may have noticed the new blog layout. I’ll be going back and fixing older posts to show photos as time permits. While I love traditional blog stylings, I really wanted to have a way to see more posts at once especially for new visitors who might not have clicked back buttons over and over again to read past entries. My blog tends to be heavily image focused anyhow.

Hope you enjoy the changes. More are on the way for the main site as well.


Sitenews: new categories

I keep thinking how lovely it would be to have an easy way for people to look at all posts related to one project (a la dress diary style). So I’m doing this without cluttering up the current tag cloud by creating separate categories for each project.

At the end of each post it will have a link to the rest of the posts on that specific project. This is a simple way to make it easier for people to find an entire dress diary on a project without having had to follow the progress from the beginning. I hope this helps with navigating through my blog posts.

Perhaps later I’ll have a featured project area with links to the projects in order instead of reverse blog order!! But for now this is what I can try to get done while I’m off on vacation.

R&G pair of bodies: Today’s progress

I’ve progressed further on the red and gold corset today. Hand sewing bias binding is a good way to keep your hands busy all day.


The rest of the day was filled with laundering,pressing 16 yards of wool, adding content to the about laurie section on the website, adding fabrics to my swatch book, adding 10 trims to the Fabric Stash section, patterning a corset, altering a corset, photographing, household chores and eating. I’ll soon be asleep.