2014 Tweed Fairy Corset

A lovely combination of tweed fabric and silver vegan leather waist belt with matching edging with a touch of lace and embellishment thrown in. This lovely corset was quite a challenge for me. A few firsts along the way. I haven’t sewing with vegan leather before and it was an eye opener. Teflon feet are your friend. I also have never attempted to attach lace, a waist belt and trim around it under all the boning channels. It was a fun exercise and was very successful. Afterwards I went through and hand tacked further along and through the pieces. But it seems like a very good way to attach detailing by machine and minimizing handwork with increases the price quickly. Anyway onto the corset:


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FR Stipey corset: finished

I ended up having to redo one seam to get the stripes to be more similar from side to side :) I’m happy with the end results, quite a tedious but wonderful project :) Using the same patterning techniques, the wider stripes of this fabric were actually a lot harder to match up then the smaller sets of stripes on the black & white corset I finished last year.


More inprogress photos below:
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Stripy corset: fusing, cutting, & beginning construction

This month I wrote an article for Foundations Revealed on matching stripes in corsetry. I’ve taken the tutorial fabric and proceeded onto making the actual corset from the demo in the article.

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