Black & Tan

A new show piece for the shop on the way from a recent custom client fitting. Here is the lovely Monica trying it on for me. It is too short in the torso length for her but gives me a good feel for the patterning. It worked lovely on her waist & I’m super happy with the fit at the hip.IMG_1398

We just threw it on over her dress and I popped the jellyfish net hat on her head.


Blackberry Vixen

Another lovely trying on this gown. Half way done with the gown, while it was still on the form, I had decided it was a failure. Something convinced me to continue on and with a lot more hand sewing it finally was close to what I envisioned! It has looks fabulous on all three ladies I’ve tried it on thus far.


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Black and Tan Longline w/ Waist Belt & Straps

I made this sample piece to test out a clients patterning before cutting into her expensive fabrics. Here are images of the first try-on during Dickens Fair Workshops last year:



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Black Dot coutil corset sample piece

I decided to pair this luscious black dot coutil with white lace and white stitching. It was actually my husbands suggestion to add the red taffeta binding. I really like how striking it is :) Way to go husband!

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Blue & Black underbust: pretty stripy bias binding :)

This corset has been sitting waiting on my mannequin and I felt inspired to finish something so I went ahead and applied binding. Stripe binding no less. I think it is a fun, playful element that ties in with the black piping.

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Blue & Black underbust: inprogress

This patterning is based off of the red & black lozenge under-bust with the torso lengthened from under-bust to the waist. I wanted to make a quick corset so I just popped on the mock-up from the other corset and adjusted like I would normally. This worked since my client has the same proportions to me but is shorter waisted.


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