A Dark Depth- Second Make-over look

Corset: Laurie Tavan
Photography & MUA: Iberian Black Arts

Creamsicle Corset for Sale- corset SOLD

I will be taking inventory, measuring, and photographing samples in the shop this week and listing them for sale first through my email list. You can Sign up HEREto get first peeks at what is happening in my workshop and on sale pieces.



I also have the coordinating embroidered, unlined cream skirt to coordinate. It is done up with front and back waist bands so it can fit many different waist sizes easily.

For skirt only- $200 US:

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Red Wedding Ensemble: sneak peek

The red wedding gown has gone home to its owner and we even got in a photo-shoot! My client was such a trooper and donned her 15+ yards of silk taffeta with grace to do a photo shoot in record high temperatures. I held the fan on her and we did take a water break. A great testament to the comfort of the dress as she was in it 2+ hours.

See how that custom-dyed silk ribbon just glows. Shot-silk taffeta glows so beautifully as well!

Red Wedding Ensemble: custom dyed silk satin ribbon

The polyester ribbon I had on hand was a nice match but just didn’t shine the way the silk taffeta does. So I decided to try out a new-to-me company called Cam Creations. I sent in my order with a swatch of the wedding fabric and was super surprised at how close they came to the look & feel of a shot-silk with a dying progress on a satin ribbon! It can’t be red shot with navy obviously since they are not weaving it but it sure looks good! I satisfied with the results. Continue reading Red Wedding Ensemble: custom dyed silk satin ribbon

Blue & Black underbust: inprogress

This patterning is based off of the red & black lozenge under-bust with the torso lengthened from under-bust to the waist. I wanted to make a quick corset so I just popped on the mock-up from the other corset and adjusted like I would normally. This worked since my client has the same proportions to me but is shorter waisted.


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