Only now I realize I haven’t written about attending carnivale in Venice last year as I finish putting away and start mending my garments from this years carnivale! I will have to go back and rectify this oversight.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I can put together so many outfits for these events. To be honest, I can’t! I don’t have the time to make many new things for myself so I pull from my closet and restyle. Here I’ll show you the same gown restyled multiple ways for different events:

Costume College 2015: Original styling based off an extant gown:

Carnivale 2016 Atlantis party: Worn with eyelet petticoat and “coral” stomacher and headdress with glass Murano fishes

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Queen Victoria revamp: bows

I’ve decided on cream bows to hold up the swoops of the upper tier. I had suggestions for blue, white with blue stripes, and buttons but this was my favorite:

The blue cape is being taken apart, re-interlined and the lining redone. I’m not sure about decoration yet… Maybe some dark blue trimmings but I think cream would be going too far in that color theme for the outfit.

Queen Victoria revamp: adding a band of blue

I found this larger width blue cotton and decided to use it between the other two to tie in with the blue lining and blue fringe that will be applied to other portions of the gown. The alterations were approved so here is the blue band sewn on to the top two tiers thus far:

Wrinkled but showing the trim:

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Victorian corset: revamp

This corset has seen many years of hard use in reenactment, trips to burning man, and other wear. It was finally in need of some repairs. The original maker used two layers of domestic coutil which were holding up so well that the we decided not to give up on it! You can see the alterations because they are bright white:

Back shot and description behind the cut:
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Terracotta corset: revamp and refurbishment

Last year I purchased a lovely silk corset during the Dark Garden sidewalk sale. I already have a lovely custom corset in this style but this one followed me home. She is made from a VERY thin silk which through years of service to Dark Garden has become worn away in patches along the binding. She has a lovely hand-inked in white label saying “property of dark garden”. I”ve seen and admired her in the Dark Garden windows at the Dickens Christmas Fair.


Although the corset was not a perfect fit, she had a lovely shape and lots of potential. Her name is Terracotta. Yes I’ve named the corset – seems weird but I did. Here I will show the process of bringing her back to life.
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