My first ever gown – upcoming auction

When I was still in college my now Mother-in-law Ann made me a pink bog dress for Halloween. I went to my first Renaissance Faires in 2001. I was so proud of that pink dress she gifted me but she determined it was time for me to sew my own.

Gold gown with arch for sale

I wasn’t convinced by the colour gold but fell in love as I sewed it together. I’ll try to sift out original photos from when I wore it to Scottish events in Northern California in the early 00s. It was originally gold and burgundy. Through the years it has seen many alterations. Ann walked me through the entire construction. It was the first “gown” I had ever made. I had made doll clothing and stuffed animals up to that point and maybe an apron in home ec class in middle school.

Gold in Window for sale
“Looking forward, Looking back” Tavan Photography- I am wearing my first gown that started my adventure into starting my business making custom clothing peering into the front door leading to my new space at the Woman’s club in downtown San Jose.

The detail shots of the gown in its current incarnation are on Flickr. This gown and many other of my personal costuming will be sold on auction to help fund the move to my first non-home based work space!

Details on the auction, how to bid, and measurements of the dress forthcoming.

Worsted wool kirtle

The brown wool kirtle is mostly finished.

I’m going to have to open it up and put in another layer between the surface worsted wool and the cotton with buckram. I skipped that step because I didn’t have anything dark enough not to show through. Well that was a bad decision as it crinkles a little as it curves around the body. The last bodice I used some padding and it worked wonderfully so I shouldn’t have skipped it. Oh well! So it is in a wearable state but I want to make it better.
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Valhalla Renaissance Faire: pregnancy outfit in-action photos :)

I made it out to one weekend of Valhalla Renaissance Faire this year and got another chance to wear my red linen pair of bodies, corded petticoat, and blue & green linen loose gown. I got around to adding the lining to the top half of the back of the loose gown to the lovely white leather binding on my pair of bodies would not show though!

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Red linen pair of bodies: completed!

I had half these bodies done up forever! I finally decided to complete them to be worn for pregnancy. With the center front opening I just left the bottom portion loosely laced over the tummy and then tightened above to get a nice firm back support and bust support.

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