B&C Plaid gown: completed

Worn with my new tiara, a reproduction of the Oriental circlet that Prince Albert designed for Victoria (with opals and not the replacement rubies that the actual tiara currently has in it). I won’t be wearing this tiara at Dickens Fair but it may be used as a prop while on “shoppies” as a gift to the Queen from the Prince Consort.

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B&C Plaid Victorian- ballgown bodice

I still have to sew the skirt top to the waistband and add the bertha actually onto the ballgown bodice, and and… design the day bodice. But we do have the go ahead from Liz Martin, the costume director, to make a day bodice and word from the higher ups that they are interested in seeing what it does in the Dickens light before making a decision. I was making it to wear to a Gaskells ball but now it will get more use if Queen Victoria can wear it. If not, I still love it.

I decreased the volume in the bottom tier & raised the patterning a bit on the upper tier so the trim was a bit further down. I think it looks more spiffy this way :) Thanks for all the advice so far.

Princesses Gowns- 10 months later

The goal of this project was to make gowns for two growing young girls which could be altered to fit for a second year. They were worn in Jan. 2010 for a ball and now will be worn for Dickens Christmas fair. So we first adjusted the sizes around and lengthwise. I left growth pleats in the skirt for this purpose and extra fabric in the seam allowances for the bodice changes. Then we added longer sleeves. Here is one of the gowns (I forgot to photograph the other before it walked out the door):

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Princess Victoria & Alice: preview & outtakes :)

The girls are so precious and oh so prim and proper (most of the time). Just wait till you get to the cute outtakes. Yes the Princess Royal turns into a zombie nearing the end of the shoot.


I have to say, these two young ladies really impressed me. They did 3 hours including hair, make-up, costuming and a photo shoot. Then popped aprons over their dresses, ate dinner, and headed out with their Grandma to meet me as their mama at the ball Continue reading Princess Victoria & Alice: preview & outtakes :)

Plaid Victorian: skirt & mock-up

Here is just mocking up the fabrics for the waistcoat and zuave jacket:

The edges of the zouave jacket will actually be cording covered in bias cut plaid matching the skirt but I just threw on a scrap of straight grain here.
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