Only now I realize I haven’t written about attending carnivale in Venice last year as I finish putting away and start mending my garments from this years carnivale! I will have to go back and rectify this oversight.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how I can put together so many outfits for these events. To be honest, I can’t! I don’t have the time to make many new things for myself so I pull from my closet and restyle. Here I’ll show you the same gown restyled multiple ways for different events:

Costume College 2015: Original styling based off an extant gown:

Carnivale 2016 Atlantis party: Worn with eyelet petticoat and “coral” stomacher and headdress with glass Murano fishes

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Lil’ cincher photoshoot


This first shot really shows off that the corset is not a “flat fronted” shaping. I really like a gentle curved abdomen that cups and molds to your actual body instead of trying to create the modern board flat front.


Beautiful little corset.


Lil’ cincher in dot coutil with delicate lace detail
Model: Darla Driver of The Pinup Pursuit
Photographer: Shane Meyers – Shane Meyers Photography

Black Pompadours from American Duchess

Lauren of American Duchess suggested I could easily pair my pink gown with the black shoes with a change of accessories. So with a change in hairstyle, addition of a black velvet ribbon and jewelry my husband took some images :) I think they turned out lovely but I’m really excited to have gotten a cd of my location shoot with American Duchess. Chris did an excellent job and I’m having trouble picking out my favorites. So until I can make up my mind I’ll leave you with these studio shots by Jeremy.

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Breast Cancer Awareness donations @ American Duchess this week

Here are the banner images American Duchess shot for Breast Cancer awareness this week. We shot with the ivory Pompadour shoes from American Duchess styled with my pink stay and skirt. I also decorated the hat :) This is the skirt that was made for the Pink Venetian that is in progress! Dual use always makes me happy.

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