2017 Carnivale Venezia- Welcome Party

This was my second time attending Carnivale and my first one where I had some knowledge ahead of time to try to prepare appropriately themed costumes for the events. My best friend Robin attended her first time this year.

Walking around Venice:

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Tudor Wylliecoat

My husband has not had a new outfit for fair in over 10 years. His last one was made by his mother, and while it is still lovely it is not idea for his current focus on fencing. We started with a pair of bias wool hose, a Tudor wool jacket, and finally I made the petticoat/wylliecoat. I just realized I haven’t blogged any of it! I’m starting a second lighter weight Tudor jacket for him in red wool. I’ll start backwards blogging them.

Wylliecoat and hose pointed together:

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Italian gown: sneak peek

I’ve started the next portion of my Italian gown. Here is a quick preview:


The petticoat patterning for the silk fabric is 9 pieces and the linen lining 14 pieces! It was fun putting them all together. If you come by the Needle’s Eye at Livermore Scottish games this weekend I’ll be working on hemming the skirt if you want to see it in person. I’ll also be working on pulling & knotting tons of threads on my stays. I’m trying reed as boning this time around.

Dickens Fair: workshops & petticoats

I’m headed off to Dickens Fair workshops this weekend. Liz Martin, the costume director, was concerned with the lack of petticoats in the cast last year so I threw together some “bedskirt” petticoats with the help of my mother-in-law Ann and friend Rene. They will be available at a reasonable price at Liz’s booth this Saturday (tomorrow). I left them plain but people can buy them and order detailing to be done over the week. Pin-tucks, lace, and extra ruffles are all possible as your budget and tastes allow.

Wedding Diary: underside of the quilted petticoat

The quilted petticoat I made for my wedding has a layer of blue silk, wool batting, and linen lining. I thought the linen side was too pretty not to show. Here it is all laid out prior to making up the skirt:

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