Ice & Fire Ball

For this event I was cast as Cersei and needed an outfit stat! I took the red surcoat and found the scraps of fabric to make a set of sleeves & belt. The belt is made from a few layers of horse hair. I added an embroidered rampant lion on the sleeves to tie into the Lannister family.

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photo ©2015 Jean Martin

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Princess Victoria & Alice: preview & outtakes :)

The girls are so precious and oh so prim and proper (most of the time). Just wait till you get to the cute outtakes. Yes the Princess Royal turns into a zombie nearing the end of the shoot.


I have to say, these two young ladies really impressed me. They did 3 hours including hair, make-up, costuming and a photo shoot. Then popped aprons over their dresses, ate dinner, and headed out with their Grandma to meet me as their mama at the ball Continue reading Princess Victoria & Alice: preview & outtakes :)