Cleaning: photo and garage storage

Yes I’m alive and working on many projects. Life has revolved around cleaning (and planting). I know I haven’t been very posty lately. There is a good reason. No posts have been forthcoming because I am currently overhauling how I store and upload my photos. Unfortunately they are now on a server I can’t access on my laptop *yet*. I’m also working on getting a remote desktop up in my office so I can post from either the laptop in the workroom or my office in the house. The details are coming together slowly. Continue reading Cleaning: photo and garage storage

Moved and now unpacking!

The workshop is moved but I’m waiting to unpack. I have a 4-6 week estimate on getting the windows and sliding glass door replaced with safety glass. Next week starts the electrical upgrade. Once those are done I can fully move in!

Until then I’m working on inventory, organization, and project planning. If you are interested in a project in the New Year please contact me laurie @ and we can start planning for your deadline.

It has been a whirlwind around here.

Spider Pin cushion present :)

Here is my newest “crew member” helping out with the binding on the deep ocean blue corset. He was a recent gift from one of my clients.

I had just gotten out of the emergency room the day before and he was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. Actually Mr. Spider is already going on a road trip tomorrow and will help out as I hand-sew on the way up to a wedding in Sonoma, CA.

Thank you Michelle.

It’s official! I’m going to Florence…

..for the Costume Colloquium: a tribute to Janet Arnold, thus I will be out of town Nov. 4-10, 2008.

“(it) is an international interdisciplinary symposium on historical dress, costume for performance and contemporary fashion. All facets of dress and fashion history, design and interpretation will be explored, and the colloquium will provide a stimulating platform where participants can exchange ideas and information. The range of perspectives include art history, social history and textile conservation; designing costume for the performing arts and living history; as well as the use of historical dress as inspiration for contemporary fashion.”

I’m all registered, paid for including flights and hotel bookings! My mother-in-law and fellow costumer & seamstress will be attending as well. This will be our first trip just the two of us since I married into the family.

Anyone else know if they are going? This was too much in-line with what I’ve been craving to pass up the opportunity. I didn’t make it to Venice for our honeymoon but I’m sure going to still make it to Italy this year. It is a stretch but I just know it will be well worth the time and money. I’m so excited.

Sitenews: I’ve been Gone forever!

Yes it may seem I’ve been gone forever. The day after my wedding I came down with the worst flu I’ve ever had in my entire life. And it just stayed with me a long time. Hitting over and over again and eventually settling into a nice sinus infection. Three rounds of antibiotics later I’m finally without constant sinus pressure (just in time for allergies!).

I have been busy working but have little time to document. I still have the photos from the wedding suit construction to sift through and find. During this time my laptop also died (luckily I had a backup although it was a month out of date). Still trying to schedule an appointment with Apple but finding I’m too busy. Luckily my husband is letting me steal his computer now and then.

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Sewing by fire light and candle light

Our house smelled like rotten forest from the rain – so much so that we took the parrot to Saratoga to Jeremy’s parent’s house to get her away from the nasty (potentialy harmful) smell. That was all fine and dandy except that their power was out from friday till monday in the Saratoga house. It is now up but one of their heaters isn’t working. Needless to say I keep my hands busy monday evening, in the dark cold house, sewing buttons on wooden button molds:


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Squirrel added to the doll gallery :) Out of town for the weekend

Little did you know I also work in fake fur. Evidence below:

After I made this little guy for a client I wanted a gray squirrel for myself and even have the materials… Where does the time go?

I’m out of town till monday at the Internatinal Jousting Championships. I’ll be back in touch online monday so communications will be delayed.

Wedding shoes arrived!

When I started planning my wedding both Jeremy and I decide to each splurge on one fancy item to go with our 18th century outfits. He chose a court sword. I chose shoes. Go figure. That said, I’ve already used his sword in a photo shoot or two. Now we need to get a proper scabbard and belt made.

The shoes are made to order by Sarah Juniper in an 18th century style from foot tracing & measurements and covered in a fine figured silk/rayon jacquard. The final fabric choice for the shoes does not match the outfit color identically but I fancied it too much to chose another.


The shorter petticoat photos will be added to the gallery shortly! With final photos pending completion of the corset to match.

Linen arrived today!

It was very exciting to have 50+ yards of linen arrive at my doorstep today. It topped my excitment over the 20 yards of coutil showing up last week. I’m finding that my fabric stash is walking out the door quick enough that I’m buying more and more in bulk.

I’m especially fond of the linen damask – expect to see something pretty made from it soon.

Wedding diary: started our own outfits

I’ve started the wedding outfits! I’m still debating between two different silks for the gown. I’ve sent out the request for an estimate to get matching shoes made. I hope to start the grooms outfit this week.

The corset has been patterened, mocked-up, and adustments for minor design changes made. The lining and fashion fabrics are cut out. I’m ordering a new supply of coutil this week before I can complete the corset.

I’m going to make everyone wait for photos till after the wedding. I might sneak in a few previews of detail shots once in a while.
Count down: 7 months till deadline – Jan. 27,2008

Valhalla Faire and Tudor Tailor

This upcoming two weekends I can be found at the Valhalla faire. I will be wearing the blackwork chemise even though it still lacks its blackwork pleated top edge. A week from today will be an event down in Santa Cruz with The Tudor tailor!

I’m looking forward to both events and am currently in the process of packing. I’m taking a break every so often to rub my head and complain about my horrible sinus headache hoping to recover before the long drive up to Tahoe. I have a kontusz in progress sitting on the sewing maching begging for my attention. E-mail contact will be sparce in the next 10 days.

Silk Pink Stay: More photos on the way; also: Bigger studio, Out of town

The pink stays had their photoshoot and are now uploaded to corsetry.

In other news my fiance has graciously given up his audio listening room to give me space for a new sewing studio. This week I will be moving, checking inventory, and working on a couple projects (wool kontusz jacket, black and white Renaissance nobles gown & hat, and damask underskirt). Twice as much room will still be snug. I’ll finally be adding a dedicated table for machine embroidery.

Who says an industrial sewing maching isn’t very portable? That being said I hope to not move it again for a while.

Then it is off Scuba diving in Bonaire – expect some delays in e-mail communication April 12-23rd. I’ll be taking along some handsewing of course.