Steampunk Bridegroom ensemble: photos

Wedding suit added to the gallery:


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Chris put up a lovely post about his wedding mentioning me :) Thank you Chris! If you wanted to see more of the suit I made him check it out: Steampunk Pirate Wedding post

I can’t wait to see all the final professional photographers photos! I’m almost tempted to say their wedding looks even more fun than my masquerade wedding :)

Wedding diary: buttons using wooden molds

For the Wedding Suitcoat and waistcoat I decided to hand cover 18th century style wooden button molds. I had posted a picture of my hand sewing by candle/fire light when we were without power for a few days and was encouraged to post more. Here are some more detail shots showing the process below.

Sewing by the fire:

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Wedding diary: Jeremy’s opinion on multiple fittings

So maybe I wanted too many photos but I think this photo shows Jeremy’s opinion on the multiple fittings.


“Why do I have to try on the waistcoat under the mock up of the jacket?” he asked. He darn well knows why, he was just being plain SILLY!

18th century Breeches

I finished up the adjustments on the mock-up of Jeremy’s breeches in some leftover black corduroy material. My fiance has bravely said he will wear 18th century dress for our wedding!

Being me, I couldn’t just make a mock-up of drop front breeches (10+ hours of work) and leave them unfinished. I quickly machine finished them & added closures with grommets to make a pair he can easily use for pirate events that are not requiring complete historical accuracy. I’m tempted to fully line the final pair but will have to account for that in the final patterning.

Our wedding outfits will be inspired by the 18th century but I will not limit myself strictly to adhere to historical accuracy. This is my wedding and not a period event :) That being said, I’m really enjoying researching this project and learing about this era.