Bright Linen corset

Model: Michelle Surya

Photography by Christiane Posl
Hair by Elle Duerr
Hair by Megan LaCore
Corsets by Laurie Tavan
Styling by Gina Laughlin
Makeup Apprentice Heather Nunes

I love how this image turned out. This was a last minute addition to the shoot as the model had already been styled as a mermaid without any of my corsets but I adored how her hair went with this specific corset so she was a trooper and waited an additional 2 hours in that huge hairstyle to shoot another look for me! The photographer had this awesome backdrop she had painted herself that she pulled out just for this and I think it worked perfectly.

It was a last minute addition that just really came together. Sometimes that is the beauty of such collaborations. All this works goes into it and at the last second even more magic happens that you didn’t even anticipate. I cut this corset out in 2006 and picked it up recently on a whim and finished it – It was meant to be…

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Bright linen striped corset

I had this old linen dress that I cut up back in 2006 to make this corset. I’m going to finish it up now so it will be done and out of my “to do” pile. I have a couple projects that have just lingered around because I started them on a whim but they were just for fun. So here it is:

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Red linen pair of bodies: completed!

I had half these bodies done up forever! I finally decided to complete them to be worn for pregnancy. With the center front opening I just left the bottom portion loosely laced over the tummy and then tightened above to get a nice firm back support and bust support.

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Navy & Green Loose gown: almost completed

Except for a lining for the upper back portion the loose gown is completed (this will be required since I edged the pair of bodies in bright white leather and it is showing through!). I should have lifted the mannequin so the front wasn’t dragging and looking funny – just imagine it is over a little pregnant belly :P.

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Red peasants: bodice, skirt, coif, flatcap & apron

I met a lovely lady at the Renaissance symposium this year who promptly contacted me for a peasants outfit. We worked long distance from measurements and had one fitting in person. She had the fabric in mind already and try as I did I wasn’t able to convince her to go with an all linen outfit. But the coif, apron, and flatcap are 100% linen. The coif and apron are decorated with red machine embroidery. I had to test the red thread in cold and hot water to make sure it won’t bleed on the lovely white linen. We sure don’t want pink linens!

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Wedding Diary: Robe à l’Anglaise en fourreau

I’ll be slowly finding and putting up more construction photos of my wedding gown :)

The en fourreau back is a time consuming but dramatic detail on this gown. The back section of the bodice is cut in one piece with the skirting. Here you can see the beginnings of pleating the back section into place on the linen lining.

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Linen Damask Elizabethan bodies


I’ve completed my most recent pair of bodies. I’m delighted to report my client says they fit like a dream. Extra mock-ups were made to adapt this fully boned pattern to the individualites of her ribcage. It looks even more beaufitul in person because the subtle linen damask pattern.
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