Worsted wool kirtle

The brown wool kirtle is mostly finished.

I’m going to have to open it up and put in another layer between the surface worsted wool and the cotton with buckram. I skipped that step because I didn’t have anything dark enough not to show through. Well that was a bad decision as it crinkles a little as it curves around the body. The last bodice I used some padding and it worked wonderfully so I shouldn’t have skipped it. Oh well! So it is in a wearable state but I want to make it better.
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Cream loose kirtle: finished & with ropa

Here are some photos of the loose kirtle worn under a red silk ropa a made a few years back. The Ropa never had a final photo shoot so I’m going to put up some photos of it while I had it back in my workroom.

jrt_9300 (the shoulders don’t fit right on this manniking so it is sitting a little skewed but you get the idea I hope).
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