Brown and Blue Ensemble

I started the skirt for the ensemble years ago, probably two but I don’t remember for sure. That is how long ago I started it. The fabric is a fun stripe. I have enough to make a matching bodice but didn’t have the time or energy to actually get moving on that in time for Dickens Fair.

I had cut out a waistcoat for my husband in this brown/dark brown wool and the rest of sitting in a pile. I shrugged my shoulders grabbed it and drafted out a zouave jacket and as I laid the pattern on I knew I’d have just enough.

Many times when I start a project and I have on idea where I”m going with it, I turn around and the exact amount of fabric is sitting there waiting for me. I never planned to make a wool zouave for this outfit. But then it jumped out at me that this was finally the project for these fabulous braid frogs my mother-in-law gave me. Or at least they are for now, I imagine I’ll be reusing them on another project eventually or trying to make reproductions of them anyway. Continue reading Brown and Blue Ensemble

18th century jacket: finally photographed

This jacket was intended to be worn on the way home from my wedding *laugh*. It was finally finished and not worn until this year! I happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time so I left the ties open as necessary. I tried putting in a stomacher but all mine were too heavily boned so they ruined the belly bump and made me look “square”. If I had to do it again I’d have made a soft quilted stomacher to go under the opening of the jacket.

I worked with the lovely photographer Rummy as well as a make-up artist Wendy Tran for the first time and enjoyed the experience (hair done by me):

Full length shot:

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Red Wedding Ensemble: sneak peek

The red wedding gown has gone home to its owner and we even got in a photo-shoot! My client was such a trooper and donned her 15+ yards of silk taffeta with grace to do a photo shoot in record high temperatures. I held the fan on her and we did take a water break. A great testament to the comfort of the dress as she was in it 2+ hours.

See how that custom-dyed silk ribbon just glows. Shot-silk taffeta glows so beautifully as well!

Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…


I had cut this out the week before my wedding figuring I’d add a piece to my outfit. I wanted to take off the gown and throw on the jacket to head home that night. After cutting it out I decided to enjoy the time with my family before the wedding instead of more sewing. Recently I found it floating around my workroom missing one piece!! *grr* I searched and then gave up but decided to pursue finishing the project nonetheless. I had enough fabric to tweak out a new piece. Continue reading Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…

Steampunk Bridegroom Ensemble: making of

I’m going to try to go back and document some of this fantastic project. Like usual it started with a muslin toile that tells me enough to make pattern adjustments but doesn’t really show off how fantastic the final garment will look:

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Zouave jacket: underlining, flatlining, & construction

This jacket is styled after the military zouave jackets that became a popular bolero jacket style in mid to late Victorian era for women. We are doing it in a very fashionable red, but instead of wool it is a fine silk.


All and all, a very clean & subtle jacket that looks lovely over the black silk velvet waistcoat. It has just enough tie in with the skirt to look like they go together.
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18th century jacket: trial version

I traded a blue and white duvet cover for this hand block printed cotton fabric. The pattern itself is too dense but some of the elements remind me of 18th century fabrics. I’ll have to splurge at some point and get something more historically correct but it worked for the trial run. It has a nice texture as well as pretty browns & blues together (one of my all time favorite combos).

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Blue & Gray: steampunk ensemble

I surprised my client with an additional bustle-like drape & optional bow (not pictured) for her ensemble. The jacket can be worn with or without the additional back drape. She picked a hat out of my stash and altered it while I worked on the finishing touches on the outfit tonight. I’m so excited to see her wear it at Baycon!

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Gray & blue jacket: piecing the lining

This jacket was added onto another project as a separate piece to coordinate with a corset and skirt. When we started we knew we had very little of the blue silk left but wanted to have the tail and edges of the jacket in the matching silk. As the silk was purchased many years ago I found out it was no longer carried. Although I found similar colors none were the same, hence the piecing of the lining.

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