2017 Carnivale Venezia- Welcome Party

This was my second time attending Carnivale and my first one where I had some knowledge ahead of time to try to prepare appropriately themed costumes for the events. My best friend Robin attended her first time this year.

Walking around Venice:

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Palazzo Vecchio: costume reproductions

Nov. 9-

After wandering around and snapping tons of photos of the map room we were escorted into territory not open to the other visitors into a hallway of costume reproductions laid our for our viewing. We ended up in the Monumental quarters and apartment of Elenora di Toldeo. I’ll post photos of our audience with an enactment actor playing the Duchess Elenora di Toledo.

Photos of the costume reproductions:

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Pisa, Italy: Cerratelli Foundation – costuming

The pamphlet given to us explains “Cerratelli Foundation opened in 2005 at San Giuliano Terme (Pisa), a product of the will of the Director Floridia Benedettini and preserved a heratige of over 25,000 stage costumes, coming from “Casa d’Arte Cerratelli”, housed in Florence, the tailoring and dressmaking establishment served theatre and cinema from 1916 to 1995.”

There was a display up of pieces from multiple productions:
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Pisa, Italy: Renaissance dress & textile sample

The third dress we were able to observe showing the center front seam:

The gowns were handled by the curator to show some specifics of what they found. Do not worry that wasn’t a stray hand reaching out to touchy touchy.
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Pisa, Italy: A gown of a duchess – court dress of a Madonna

Some of use went on an optional trip to the Laboratorio Centro Restauro Tessili in the Cittadella of Pisa for a private viewing of the Renaissance dresses from the Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale. I’m going to share some photos of what others have dubbed the “new” Eleonora di Toledo gown or the “red” Eleonora gown:

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Costume Colloquium: reception at Pitti palace courtyard café

Nov. 8

One more batch of “social” pictures. I promise I’ll come back to all the days and events in due time. In the Pitti palace camera’s were not allowed so I got to practice my sketching skills and purchased a small booklet with some of the costuming. I’m still not sure if I’m brave enough to share any of the crude sketches.

The auto copyright kept going over the bag so here it is without. Much of the time walking around Firenze you’d notice the black bags, a gift from the Colloquium, wandering around. At first I used them to identify other participants. Eventually I started recognizing faces :) I loved this shot because her shawl demonstrates a technique discussed in one of the classes.

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Costume Colloquium: day one – registration & reception

Nov. 4th

We arrived safely in Florence, Italy and surprisingly less jet lagged than expected. We were warned about rain but it was bright and sunny. A beautiful day to see the Duomo. So before heading to registration we took the time to view inside the Duomo. This was the only “free” time we’d have if we stuck to the full schedule planned.

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Florence Italy: costume colloquium tribute to Janet Arnold


Just packing and finding all those last minute things. Like a pencil sharpener! Anyone else staying at Hotel Brunelleschi?

I’ll be out of town until the 12th. I might have access to online, if not there will be delays in response time this week.

It’s official! I’m going to Florence…

..for the Costume Colloquium: a tribute to Janet Arnold, thus I will be out of town Nov. 4-10, 2008.

“(it) is an international interdisciplinary symposium on historical dress, costume for performance and contemporary fashion. All facets of dress and fashion history, design and interpretation will be explored, and the colloquium will provide a stimulating platform where participants can exchange ideas and information. The range of perspectives include art history, social history and textile conservation; designing costume for the performing arts and living history; as well as the use of historical dress as inspiration for contemporary fashion.”

I’m all registered, paid for including flights and hotel bookings! My mother-in-law and fellow costumer & seamstress will be attending as well. This will be our first trip just the two of us since I married into the family.

Anyone else know if they are going? This was too much in-line with what I’ve been craving to pass up the opportunity. I didn’t make it to Venice for our honeymoon but I’m sure going to still make it to Italy this year. It is a stretch but I just know it will be well worth the time and money. I’m so excited.