Estella’s bonnet: new ribbon, added decoration, & new shawl

I picked up this new-to-me shawl that I thought fabulously clashed with Miss Estella’s dress. The beautiful cravat that didn’t sell coordinated so well I had to sacrifice it for her bonnet.


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Dickens Fair: bonnets in progress

Preparation for Dickens Christmas Fair is well under way :) Made it through the first workshop weekend as well as dancing practice with the Prince consort(s) tonight. I wanted a fun project & these have been fun so far. I have one more I’ll probably work on this week.
Bonnets (along with the pattern changes for a bodice I helped drape for my housemate last night):
My mother-in-law is selling her wares at the rehearsal weekends up in Pacifica. I’m thinking I’ll have her put these at her booth to see if anyone is interested. Continue reading Dickens Fair: bonnets in progress

Red peasants: bodice, skirt, coif, flatcap & apron

I met a lovely lady at the Renaissance symposium this year who promptly contacted me for a peasants outfit. We worked long distance from measurements and had one fitting in person. She had the fabric in mind already and try as I did I wasn’t able to convince her to go with an all linen outfit. But the coif, apron, and flatcap are 100% linen. The coif and apron are decorated with red machine embroidery. I had to test the red thread in cold and hot water to make sure it won’t bleed on the lovely white linen. We sure don’t want pink linens!

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Lil’ Hat

Every once in a while, I find I don’t have the correct costuming for an event in my mammoth closet (s) [hallways, garage, or extra racks around the house]. I had an evening where a bustle dress was preferred because larger Victorian hoops would not be accommodated by the dining room .Thus I borrowed a beautiful navy and white striped bustle dress from Ladykalessia. She packed up her gown along with a straw hat & bunches of silk flowers instructing me to make a hat and have it perch tipping forward on a head of big hair.

Here is the cute hat that came together from striped scraps from the gown, a piece of blue taffeta floating around my workroom and the flowers:

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Caramel Cream Gown: sleeves and hat


The white on cream spiral trim really stands out just enough to catch the eye. The gown has additional gem accents that can be added along the trim for a fancier look when desired. I really like the subtle spiral trim as is.

Pill box:

It looks like a yummy cake to me!

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