Costume College- On the way

This year I was not overly prepared for Costume college. I managed to power through jet lag from our family vacation, pack, and hop right back on a plane, this time to LA. This year my alpaca Rainbow sherbet accompanied me on the trip.


I always enjoy having along a hand sewing project so this lovely nursing corset was flossed over the span of my costume college trip.



Sugared Bows & Traveling

At this point the corset still needed a bunch of hand sewing. So what am I to do when headed off on my 7 year anniversary trip to Las Vegas with my husband? Take the corset to work on of course. Many of my samples are all hand stitched in cars, planes, or trains during family vacations. I like saving up small hand work for otherwise downtime.

With everything pinned into place I safely tucked the corset into a shopping bag to take on the plane. Imagine my surprise when I pull the corset out and it is covered in sugar. We recently had a tea party at the shop and apparently my son decided to empty an entire bowl of sugar into the “empty bag”. I was frustrated for a moment and then joked that now my entry had “taste”. Sugared bows!


So I remained unphased and just brushed off what I could and moved on with the project, sugar and all. I however ditched the sugar filled bag in the car as we left it parked at the airport lot. So I carried her around just rolled up:


She was pretty long to fit in the seat back pocket in the plane but I made due. This was the first corset where no one asked me what I was sewing but I noticed a lot of people trying to not look:

Half was sewn by the time we arrive at our hotel:

Visiting at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas:

Spider Pin cushion present :)

Here is my newest “crew member” helping out with the binding on the deep ocean blue corset. He was a recent gift from one of my clients.

I had just gotten out of the emergency room the day before and he was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. Actually Mr. Spider is already going on a road trip tomorrow and will help out as I hand-sew on the way up to a wedding in Sonoma, CA.

Thank you Michelle.