2014 Much Ado About Sebastopol- Fencing Lesson

I am quite behind on posting any of our event photos up here. I’m going to include some here for Claudia to look through and another post with some other shots. These are the children enjoying a fencing lesson at while wearing tabards Saint Michael’s Salle d’Armes

Outfits by Laurie Tavan & Malaya Goris

Tudor Wylliecoat

My husband has not had a new outfit for fair in over 10 years. His last one was made by his mother, and while it is still lovely it is not idea for his current focus on fencing. We started with a pair of bias wool hose, a Tudor wool jacket, and finally I made the petticoat/wylliecoat. I just realized I haven’t blogged any of it! I’m starting a second lighter weight Tudor jacket for him in red wool. I’ll start backwards blogging them.

Wylliecoat and hose pointed together:

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