Dames a la Mode for the win!


I have been away from this blog too long. I have many updates and with the current American Duchess Giveaway I decided to start with updating you on my new accessories. I’d love to feature Dames a la Mode jewelry along with images of Dickens Fair this past weekend. Each year we have a special Royals day where the Royal family stays out longer to visit. I get to change into my ballgown bodice which is rare for Dickens Fair. Therefore I wanted a bit of new bling (as if I don’t already wear enough of it), but more bling is always welcome for the Royal family.

Photos are all courtesy of my husband and ©2015 Tavan Photography. I am so lucky to have these to share. I hope you enjoy them:


Queen Victoria earrings
Queen Victoria Necklace

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Dickens Fair has two more weekends!




We are in full swing of the season at Dickens with two more weekends left. The Royals have enjoyed shopping, dancing, and taking entertainment and refreshment in Dickens London. For those attending, look for us at about 2:30pm near the V&A Stage where we progress around town shopping till about 3:05 at the Carolers, then 3:15ish we attend Mr. Fezziwig’s Christmas Party at his Warehouse, then 3:40ish till about 4pm we are at The Green Man Inn visiting and receiving children (handing out Union jack flags).

Brown and Blue Ensemble: At Dickens

My first time wearing the gown I realized it was too big around by many inches, I guess I forgot how much you corset down more after wearing a corset for a while. By half way though the day my corset closed at back. This means I get to make myself a new corset (eventually)!



Thank you for Lauren of American Duchess for taking these photos for me.

I took one of my old brown felt hats and basically crushed it into a more sweetheart shape because it was too tall and forward on my head. I think it works pretty well and it looks different. It helps create a different look for Madam Caplin so I look less like Queen Victoria. I’m trying to have her look more plain jane.

B&C Plaid Victorian- ballgown bodice

I still have to sew the skirt top to the waistband and add the bertha actually onto the ballgown bodice, and and… design the day bodice. But we do have the go ahead from Liz Martin, the costume director, to make a day bodice and word from the higher ups that they are interested in seeing what it does in the Dickens light before making a decision. I was making it to wear to a Gaskells ball but now it will get more use if Queen Victoria can wear it. If not, I still love it.

I decreased the volume in the bottom tier & raised the patterning a bit on the upper tier so the trim was a bit further down. I think it looks more spiffy this way :) Thanks for all the advice so far.

Princess Victoria & Alice: preview & outtakes :)

The girls are so precious and oh so prim and proper (most of the time). Just wait till you get to the cute outtakes. Yes the Princess Royal turns into a zombie nearing the end of the shoot.


I have to say, these two young ladies really impressed me. They did 3 hours including hair, make-up, costuming and a photo shoot. Then popped aprons over their dresses, ate dinner, and headed out with their Grandma to meet me as their mama at the ball Continue reading Princess Victoria & Alice: preview & outtakes :)

Queen Victoria: ballgown bodice completed

Here are some of my favorite photos from the movie cross promotion events:

I had the opportunity to wear the ballgown for two VIP screenings of the movie “The Young Victoria” as well as on Royals day while visiting the Adventurer’s Club at Dickens Christmas Fair.

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Estella’s bonnet: new ribbon, added decoration, & new shawl

I picked up this new-to-me shawl that I thought fabulously clashed with Miss Estella’s dress. The beautiful cravat that didn’t sell coordinated so well I had to sacrifice it for her bonnet.


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