Queen of Black Diamonds I

The second look Threnody in Velvet did up for me was my Queen for my Martin Casino theme. Not many people have noticed but all the cards in that campaign have black diamonds instead of red on the cards… Sneaky sneaky…

queen of diamonds logo

Photographer: Iberian Black Arts
Model: Threnody in Velvet
Corset: Laurie Tavan
Panties & garters: Night of Laur by Laurie Tavan
Crown: Mirjam Lehtonen Costumes
Neck & wrist Ruffs: Ann Tavan

Fan & Curl

Here is the first image with Victoria Dagger wearing my designs styled with hats from Kalico Delafay Millinery for my Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook campaign: Step into the Spotlight.


Fan & Curl.
Photographer: Martin Ave photo
Model: Victoria Daggar
Designer: Laurie Tavan
Hat designer: Kalico Delafay Millinery