Rose & Red Surcoat: details & interior shots

Grainy photos are irritating me but it is what I have to work with today. The lighting situation isn’t the best in the new workroom. White I do have individual task lights the overhead light leaves much to be desired. I had the electricians stub out for a new set of lights for the ceiling but don’t have the budget to put them in yet! So bear with me as I show you some photos taken at night.

Back yoke and pleats:

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Pink Silk Stay: interior detail

Here is a preview of my latest pair of stays. The pattern is not directly based on any one corset but from merging some modern patterns of my own corsets with images in Corsets and Crinolines for 17th and 18th century corsets. I adapted it until I had a unique pattern that I loved on myself. I’m going to adapt the pattern to create more accurate 18th century details for my personal wedding corset. I chose to pattern match all pieces focusing at the waist-point except at the back where I centered the design on the back panels. This is the first corset where I’ve added a tail to the backpanel that flares out.

Pink Stay pattern Exterior

Pink Stay tail

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