Violet’s Breath corset

This is my first time dying coutil. It turned out fairly even. I learned that since the edges of the fabric on dot coutil tend to roll, it is more likely to be streaky near the edges. So either in future I’d dye a larger section than I needed to cut the corset or I need to figure out some way to stretch the fabric and dye it that way. So much to learn!

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Black Dot coutil corset sample piece

I decided to pair this luscious black dot coutil with white lace and white stitching. It was actually my husbands suggestion to add the red taffeta binding. I really like how striking it is :) Way to go husband!

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1880s style coutil corset: mock-up & construction testing

I’m working on this new 1889s style corset for a client. The final corset will either be in natural or a fleshtone coutil with coutil boning channels. I’m tempted to add a lace top edge to the final corset. But until then I’ve drafted up the pattern, constructed the mock-up and decided to try out bias cut coutil boning channels.

Here is the sampler of possible colors for the project:

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FR Stipey corset: finished

I ended up having to redo one seam to get the stripes to be more similar from side to side :) I’m happy with the end results, quite a tedious but wonderful project :) Using the same patterning techniques, the wider stripes of this fabric were actually a lot harder to match up then the smaller sets of stripes on the black & white corset I finished last year.


More inprogress photos below:
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