Costume college: Pretty Pretty (Pink)Princess Party

Here are some of my photos from the awesome Pretty pretty princess party. Thank you to all of you who hosted the event. I had a fabulous time and enjoyed it thoroughly!

The final stitching on a Gala gown during the party:
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Costume college: era mashup

The silk kirtle seen here is made by this lovely young Kentwell participant. She asked to pair her 16th century kirtle with my 18th century pocket hoops and matching bow. I think she might be the only person alive able to pull off this look – isn’t it too adorable. So much pink around I”m tempted to do more pink. My next Italian gown is rose pink I think.

pix for laurie 1

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Costume college: day 2- Collections Tour – Lobby display

These outfits were never used for the intended purpose and are now on display in the lobby of Western costume. The sketched one is really neat. The gold-work was lovely to see. It is amazing we can still get this level of work done when needed. I wish I had gotten into the gold work embroidery class. I’m still buying books and bought some supplies to try it out anyhow.


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Costume college: day 2- Collection tour (part 2)

Western Costume continued….

We were given a tour around the facility. Starting with the shop where you can find anything you might need for a project. I wouldn’t mind having one of these rooms in my house instead of running off to the store of having to order something online. But I believe the room was larger than my entire house.

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Costume college: day 2 – Orientation

I am so tried and it was only the first official day of Costume college. I’m going to split the day up and try to get the photos up this weekend. But I fear it won’t happen as planned because of all the fun & work involved in enjoying and learning during my time here.

Anyway, to start the event off right I went to the morning orientation. I’ll just share some photos below:

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Costume College prep: in the workroom

Hmm.. Procrastination can be a great tool to get those nasty non-costuming projects out of the way. Take tonight, at midnight my roommate and I decide we are going to finally get the shelving installed above her station, tomorrow . So we very carefully push aside & blatantly ignore the projects in progress on the work-table/sewing stations that need to be moved away from the wall to complete said project. But of course the wall needs to be painted FIRST since that never got done.

Half an hour later we have the first coat of paint up to dry over night and now have a day of workroom build planned for tomorrow. What, how did that happen? Nothing like an event coming up to pinpoint all the things one can get done INSTEAD of sewing.

My husband also helped me put up 4 more hat pegs as well as radiant heat barrier above my sewing station…..

What are we thinking? Well, assuming we come away from Costume college so pumped to sew, a freshly organized and spiffied up workroom will be the best thing to come home to.

Can’t I just wear jeans and a t-shirt to Costume college guys?

Photos tomorrow after some much deserved sleep. Don’t worry, we are sewing too. Just far, far away from the paint.