Savoy American Duchess shoes as worn by Cathy Hay during my visit to England this past year. Aren’t they so beautiful. You can get your own and she even has some imperfects up for sale at a lower price range during the year: Imperfects at a 35 dollar discount. I’ve purchased some imperfects and can never find flaws on them so I think Lauren is very strict with her quality control so it is a great way to get excellent shoes at a discount.

Here is one of the full length shots from this fun shoot:


And a close up:


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Cathy Hay visits

I was surprised when Cathy brought out the Peacock gown panel! Here is a snapshot:


We didn’t do anything overly exciting but Cathy did get some stitching done in my workroom. I got to watch her stitch a thank you peacock feather, and we went fabric shopping at Fabricsrus. Nothing jumped out and demanded to be purchased but it was neat to find out they have reopened the third section (brought back a lot of trim and drapery stuff). The new room is mostly fleece though! I guess we have a huge demand for kid character fleece in San Jose, CA.

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