18th century hair and make-up

Kendra Van Cleave of Démodé, consulted on my hairstyle and make-up for the big day. She has expressed an interest in seeing more of the hair so I decided to share here a quick photo guide through the trial run with Kendra. She could not be there on the day but my friend Rene did a beautiful job on my hair from what she learned from Kendra. Kendra’s most important advice on 18th century make-up: no eyeliner!

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Wedding diary: Jeremy’s opinion on multiple fittings

So maybe I wanted too many photos but I think this photo shows Jeremy’s opinion on the multiple fittings.


“Why do I have to try on the waistcoat under the mock up of the jacket?” he asked. He darn well knows why, he was just being plain SILLY!

Wedding dress diary: what I did on vacation

I took a “vacation” the last week of 2007. It was only a vacation in the sense that I wasn’t at home. I took all my sewing projects with me up into the mountains and snow to work at my fianceé’s parent’s Truckee house. I was extremely productive having other people take care of the cooking and cleaning while I sewed! Their neighbor, Lori, was patient enough to teach me how to use her quilter:


I really enjoyed it! Over the span of two days I really improved quickly and did a fairly acceptable job on my first quilted project.

Sewing by fire light and candle light

Our house smelled like rotten forest from the rain – so much so that we took the parrot to Saratoga to Jeremy’s parent’s house to get her away from the nasty (potentialy harmful) smell. That was all fine and dandy except that their power was out from friday till monday in the Saratoga house. It is now up but one of their heaters isn’t working. Needless to say I keep my hands busy monday evening, in the dark cold house, sewing buttons on wooden button molds:


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