Daze of Laur

One of the corsets I made for display at the Barefoot coffee show that wasn’t completed in time. It became a gift for our lovely nanny. It was done in Daze of Laur brown and orange with this delicate & fun vintage french trim along each edge. I’d love to revisit this color scheme. Now to go find the rest of that trim, I had a touch left…


2014 Tweed Fairy Corset

A lovely combination of tweed fabric and silver vegan leather waist belt with matching edging with a touch of lace and embellishment thrown in. This lovely corset was quite a challenge for me. A few firsts along the way. I haven’t sewing with vegan leather before and it was an eye opener. Teflon feet are your friend. I also have never attempted to attach lace, a waist belt and trim around it under all the boning channels. It was a fun exercise and was very successful. Afterwards I went through and hand tacked further along and through the pieces. But it seems like a very good way to attach detailing by machine and minimizing handwork with increases the price quickly. Anyway onto the corset:


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Brown and Blue Ensemble: At Dickens

My first time wearing the gown I realized it was too big around by many inches, I guess I forgot how much you corset down more after wearing a corset for a while. By half way though the day my corset closed at back. This means I get to make myself a new corset (eventually)!



Thank you for Lauren of American Duchess for taking these photos for me.

I took one of my old brown felt hats and basically crushed it into a more sweetheart shape because it was too tall and forward on my head. I think it works pretty well and it looks different. It helps create a different look for Madam Caplin so I look less like Queen Victoria. I’m trying to have her look more plain jane.

Brown and Blue Ensemble: inprogress

The frogs on the zouave jacket sleeves. I added this fun braid I’ve had around forever. I have just enough to add it to the bottom of the skirt as well (again meant to be!). I love when stash fabric and trim turn out perfect for a project.



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Brown and Blue Ensemble

I started the skirt for the ensemble years ago, probably two but I don’t remember for sure. That is how long ago I started it. The fabric is a fun stripe. I have enough to make a matching bodice but didn’t have the time or energy to actually get moving on that in time for Dickens Fair.

I had cut out a waistcoat for my husband in this brown/dark brown wool and the rest of sitting in a pile. I shrugged my shoulders grabbed it and drafted out a zouave jacket and as I laid the pattern on I knew I’d have just enough.

Many times when I start a project and I have on idea where I”m going with it, I turn around and the exact amount of fabric is sitting there waiting for me. I never planned to make a wool zouave for this outfit. But then it jumped out at me that this was finally the project for these fabulous braid frogs my mother-in-law gave me. Or at least they are for now, I imagine I’ll be reusing them on another project eventually or trying to make reproductions of them anyway. Continue reading Brown and Blue Ensemble

Coffee Mocha corset: inprogress

This project is turning out to be impossible to photograph. But the first person to see it in person said they wanted it :) So at least it looks good in person! The trim is this lovely stuff I picked up outside of Moro Bay in this neat little trim shop. The shop owner said she imported it years ago from France. I hope to have enough to do along the top and bottom and maybe a few garters…

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