Victorian purple Wedding gown: train & bodice fitting

The detachable train needs a few more stitches put in and the closure but it is looking fantastic with the dress! The bodice fitting went well and I worked out the overlap for the correct sized buttonstand, although we are going to do fake buttons to keep from putting any holes in the garment that will make it harder to alter over the lifetime of my client wearing it. I do like how real buttonholes look but I love being able to move things around easier by doing it with hooks behind a false button placket. Anyway on to more pictures…
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Proposed project: 18th century bodice

Remember this fabric, I found what it has to be made into.


I’m hoping I’ll have enough for this bodice since it looks very simple but still have enough yardage to be able to make a later style 18th century jacket to go over my blue quilted petticoat. I’m hoping they will have more photosif I buy the auction catalog. Maybe not…

Red & Gold Trained gown: making the bodice

I promised to eventually come back & create more diary entries for this project. So here I go:

I machine basted the shoulders on this entirely hand sewn bodice, *facepalm*. Those machine basting stitches were pulled out later but I find it ironic that I have the patience to hand sew a garment but not to hand-baste two wee, little shoulder straps to check the fit. Life is full of contradictions.


Here I have on all the undergarments, getting ready for the first try-on of the final bodice. I had just removed the original pleating on the camicia so it was hanging off my shoulder. After fitting the bodice straps (with the help of my housemate), I then made a new band to pleat the camicia neckline to fit. Continue reading Red & Gold Trained gown: making the bodice

Red peasants: bodice, skirt, coif, flatcap & apron

I met a lovely lady at the Renaissance symposium this year who promptly contacted me for a peasants outfit. We worked long distance from measurements and had one fitting in person. She had the fabric in mind already and try as I did I wasn’t able to convince her to go with an all linen outfit. But the coif, apron, and flatcap are 100% linen. The coif and apron are decorated with red machine embroidery. I had to test the red thread in cold and hot water to make sure it won’t bleed on the lovely white linen. We sure don’t want pink linens!

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Rene’s bodice progress

Now this bodice has been a bodice of DOOM! It has a extreme like for oily substances and will find any oil in a room and suck it up. I’ve watched Rene very carefully and neatly work on her bodice and get oil on it over and over again.

Portion of back with completed embroidery:

Front with embroidery partially waiting whip stitching:

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Embroidery continued…

Rene sent me a progress photo of the hand-sewn embroidery :) The front will take longer as some mystery spots appeared on the front portion of the bodice. She has re-done the front and I re-drew the front patterning for her.

Back section:

Another row of black velvet ribbon will be stitched on underneath the embroidery. Isn’t she doing a lovely job? Yum!