Spider Pin cushion present :)

Here is my newest “crew member” helping out with the binding on the deep ocean blue corset. He was a recent gift from one of my clients.

I had just gotten out of the emergency room the day before and he was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. Actually Mr. Spider is already going on a road trip tomorrow and will help out as I hand-sew on the way up to a wedding in Sonoma, CA.

Thank you Michelle.

R&G pair of bodies: Today’s progress

I’ve progressed further on the red and gold corset today. Hand sewing bias binding is a good way to keep your hands busy all day.


The rest of the day was filled with laundering,pressing 16 yards of wool, adding content to the about laurie section on the website, adding fabrics to my swatch book, adding 10 trims to the Fabric Stash section, patterning a corset, altering a corset, photographing, household chores and eating. I’ll soon be asleep.