Visiting American Duchess

We managed to get over fabric shopping! Lining fabric was purchased for my new sacque gown and Lauren grabbed some pretty stripes for her new sacque gown.

American Duchess Spring Cleaning Sale


Yes this company makes my favorite shoes. If you saw some of the Harlows (in gray and red) in some of my photos this year you should know they were an exclusive run and only a few are left from returns. These are in included in this sale! Some lucky size 6.5, 9,& 9.5 sized feet will be very happy soon:

Gray Harlows

Red Harlows

and finally the ones I wish I had purchased:

White & Black


Savoy American Duchess shoes as worn by Cathy Hay during my visit to England this past year. Aren’t they so beautiful. You can get your own and she even has some imperfects up for sale at a lower price range during the year: Imperfects at a 35 dollar discount. I’ve purchased some imperfects and can never find flaws on them so I think Lauren is very strict with her quality control so it is a great way to get excellent shoes at a discount.

Here is one of the full length shots from this fun shoot:


And a close up:


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“Stratford” Elizabethan Shoe (Oxblood & Black) on Preorder NOW


I just ordered my pair in Oxblood but they also come in Black

The Men’s sizes had to be cancelled due to low demand but if you have a gentleman who wishes these shoes in their sizes make sure you ping Lauren at American Duchess and she just might try another preorder for Men’s sizing in Spring (at least we can hope). And it would be an opportunity for ladies with larger or wider feet to get in on these shoes too…

Black Pompadours from American Duchess

Lauren of American Duchess suggested I could easily pair my pink gown with the black shoes with a change of accessories. So with a change in hairstyle, addition of a black velvet ribbon and jewelry my husband took some images :) I think they turned out lovely but I’m really excited to have gotten a cd of my location shoot with American Duchess. Chris did an excellent job and I’m having trouble picking out my favorites. So until I can make up my mind I’ll leave you with these studio shots by Jeremy.

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