Lily of the Valley gown

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Black Pompadours from American Duchess

Lauren of American Duchess suggested I could easily pair my pink gown with the black shoes with a change of accessories. So with a change in hairstyle, addition of a black velvet ribbon and jewelry my husband took some images :) I think they turned out lovely but I’m really excited to have gotten a cd of my location shoot with American Duchess. Chris did an excellent job and I’m having trouble picking out my favorites. So until I can make up my mind I’ll leave you with these studio shots by Jeremy.

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18th century jacket: finally photographed

This jacket was intended to be worn on the way home from my wedding *laugh*. It was finally finished and not worn until this year! I happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time so I left the ties open as necessary. I tried putting in a stomacher but all mine were too heavily boned so they ruined the belly bump and made me look “square”. If I had to do it again I’d have made a soft quilted stomacher to go under the opening of the jacket.

I worked with the lovely photographer Rummy as well as a make-up artist Wendy Tran for the first time and enjoyed the experience (hair done by me):

Full length shot:

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Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…


I had cut this out the week before my wedding figuring I’d add a piece to my outfit. I wanted to take off the gown and throw on the jacket to head home that night. After cutting it out I decided to enjoy the time with my family before the wedding instead of more sewing. Recently I found it floating around my workroom missing one piece!! *grr* I searched and then gave up but decided to pursue finishing the project nonetheless. I had enough fabric to tweak out a new piece. Continue reading Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…

Proposed project: 18th century bodice

Remember this fabric, I found what it has to be made into.


I’m hoping I’ll have enough for this bodice since it looks very simple but still have enough yardage to be able to make a later style 18th century jacket to go over my blue quilted petticoat. I’m hoping they will have more photosif I buy the auction catalog. Maybe not…

Costume college: era mashup

The silk kirtle seen here is made by this lovely young Kentwell participant. She asked to pair her 16th century kirtle with my 18th century pocket hoops and matching bow. I think she might be the only person alive able to pull off this look – isn’t it too adorable. So much pink around I”m tempted to do more pink. My next Italian gown is rose pink I think.

pix for laurie 1

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18th century jacket: trial version

I traded a blue and white duvet cover for this hand block printed cotton fabric. The pattern itself is too dense but some of the elements remind me of 18th century fabrics. I’ll have to splurge at some point and get something more historically correct but it worked for the trial run. It has a nice texture as well as pretty browns & blues together (one of my all time favorite combos).

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Hybrid corset: constructing the mock-up


This is the beginning of a corset incorporating elements from 18th century stays but without tabbing at the hip section. The bottom will be solid panels more like a Victorian corset. However, we decided for this one to keep more of the 18th century boning pattern details even with the solid hip. I’m liking the look so far. I can’t wait to be done with the fittings so I can cut into the beautiful silk. This is a good way to get the shaping of a pair of stays without the hassle of binding all those tabs. Not that I don’t love binding tabs. I’m becoming rather fond of them actually.

Colonial Williamsburg: brief overview


The day started slowly with the realization that a lot more was closed in Colonial Williamsburg than expected. Not a single tavern was open this winter. Winter programming started Jan. 1st. and a lot of repairs and construction were happening in the “off season”. There was plenty to do in one day though! I’m so glad I made it down there while out on the east coast. Continue reading Colonial Williamsburg: brief overview