Lily of the Valley gown

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2017 Carnivale Venezia- Welcome Party

This was my second time attending Carnivale and my first one where I had some knowledge ahead of time to try to prepare appropriately themed costumes for the events. My best friend Robin attended her first time this year.

Walking around Venice:

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Atlantis- 18th century style

I found it fun to restyle an outfit quickly, for use at a party I didn’t anticipate attending. While I was totally out of place, it felt fun and worked just fine to enjoy the evening amongst the mermaids and sirens.

I purchased little blue glass fish to add to my headdress whose flowers reminded me of coral and i added additional pearls and wore my fan cover as a stomacher.

2013 Vampire Ball – Josette & Victoria Winters outfits


I made both of these for the event. The Victoria Winters traveling wool outfit was pieced together & altered from found pieces at Savers thrift store. I wish I had taken more before shots! The Josette 18th century inspired gown I’ll have to go back and put together a blog post showing more of it in-progress.