“Stratford” Elizabethan Shoe (Oxblood & Black) on Preorder NOW


I just ordered my pair in Oxblood but they also come in Black

The Men’s sizes had to be cancelled due to low demand but if you have a gentleman who wishes these shoes in their sizes make sure you ping Lauren at American Duchess and she just might try another preorder for Men’s sizing in Spring (at least we can hope). And it would be an opportunity for ladies with larger or wider feet to get in on these shoes too…

Tudor Wylliecoat

My husband has not had a new outfit for fair in over 10 years. His last one was made by his mother, and while it is still lovely it is not idea for his current focus on fencing. We started with a pair of bias wool hose, a Tudor wool jacket, and finally I made the petticoat/wylliecoat. I just realized I haven’t blogged any of it! I’m starting a second lighter weight Tudor jacket for him in red wool. I’ll start backwards blogging them.

Wylliecoat and hose pointed together:

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Worsted wool kirtle

The brown wool kirtle is mostly finished.

I’m going to have to open it up and put in another layer between the surface worsted wool and the cotton with buckram. I skipped that step because I didn’t have anything dark enough not to show through. Well that was a bad decision as it crinkles a little as it curves around the body. The last bodice I used some padding and it worked wonderfully so I shouldn’t have skipped it. Oh well! So it is in a wearable state but I want to make it better.
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Fair Oaks Faire: Lady Mary

Last minute one of the court contacted me to borrow a gown. I gave her the closest thing to Tudor that I have since I have yet to make a “real” Tudor gown. I think she looks fab. This dress has enough layers that at such a hot event she can take off a few pieces here and there and still be look “somewhat” dressed. But there is no pouring water over the silk gown to cool off :( I wear linen peasants to this event. It isn’t uncommon to see temperature above 90 and into the 100s.

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Valhalla Renaissance Faire: pregnancy outfit in-action photos :)

I made it out to one weekend of Valhalla Renaissance Faire this year and got another chance to wear my red linen pair of bodies, corded petticoat, and blue & green linen loose gown. I got around to adding the lining to the top half of the back of the loose gown to the lovely white leather binding on my pair of bodies would not show though!

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Red linen pair of bodies: completed!

I had half these bodies done up forever! I finally decided to complete them to be worn for pregnancy. With the center front opening I just left the bottom portion loosely laced over the tummy and then tightened above to get a nice firm back support and bust support.

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Navy & Green Loose gown: almost completed

Except for a lining for the upper back portion the loose gown is completed (this will be required since I edged the pair of bodies in bright white leather and it is showing through!). I should have lifted the mannequin so the front wasn’t dragging and looking funny – just imagine it is over a little pregnant belly :P.

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Red & Gold Trained gown: making the bodice

I promised to eventually come back & create more diary entries for this project. So here I go:

I machine basted the shoulders on this entirely hand sewn bodice, *facepalm*. Those machine basting stitches were pulled out later but I find it ironic that I have the patience to hand sew a garment but not to hand-baste two wee, little shoulder straps to check the fit. Life is full of contradictions.


Here I have on all the undergarments, getting ready for the first try-on of the final bodice. I had just removed the original pleating on the camicia so it was hanging off my shoulder. After fitting the bodice straps (with the help of my housemate), I then made a new band to pleat the camicia neckline to fit. Continue reading Red & Gold Trained gown: making the bodice

Costume college: era mashup

The silk kirtle seen here is made by this lovely young Kentwell participant. She asked to pair her 16th century kirtle with my 18th century pocket hoops and matching bow. I think she might be the only person alive able to pull off this look – isn’t it too adorable. So much pink around I”m tempted to do more pink. My next Italian gown is rose pink I think.

pix for laurie 1

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