Black and cream gown added to gallery

I have a new project added to the gowns gallery. I think the gown looks more Venetian in this shot with the chemise tucked back and the client’s hair plaited. I’ll have to suggest she use her silk veil to futher the Italian look. The gown, however, will mostly be worn in a Scottish court with the chemise fully fastened at the neck as you can see in the other photos in the gallery.

Black and Cream standing

A bunch of updates

Finished hand binding all those grommets! Continued working on the new chemise with some lovely progress. Here is a photo:


In other news I’ve started a Cranach gown from a few yards of upholstry fabric from when I was shopping up in Reno, NV. I only had access to 1.5 and a 1 yards pieces (luckily 55″ wide) and 0.5 yards of a matching fabric in an alternate pattern to plan from. The skirt will be more tubular made from two widths of the fabric – I’m lucky that they repeat made it possible to use the whole width and still line up the designs at the side seams. If all goes well I’ll also piece out a italian bodice to wear with the skirt and two pairs of sleeves. I’ll insert some left over black velvet from another project to make this feasible.

I’ll take photos soon!

Hand binding over grommets

I don’t often have enough time to hand cover grommets. Yesterday my fiance was testing or fencing instructor through the San Jose fencing Masters program and I watched (sewed) for the entire 8 hours. Tonight I worked on a few more of the grommets and have a few more to go!

Here is an improgress shot:

hand bound grommets

These are bound in all purpose thread identical in color to the silk lining as that is what I had with me when I got the hair brained idea to bind all the grommets. I had intended to just finish hand sewing the gold binding. Keeping my hands busy kept me from trying to crawl up the walls from all the sitting. I’ll have to remember to take bodices on road trips/airplan rides to cover grommets from now on.

Black and Cream Noble Gown: Lion Sleeves

Today I had fun drafting these sleeves for a new Renaissance gown I’m creating. I am debating using buttons at the intersections as pinned in the photos (a recent thrift store find – the set includes a larger matching one that would adorn the hat – I’m smitten with having them in three different sizes).

black and cream sleeve

black and cream sleeve front

I had intended to use pearls but this is great since I no longer have to worry about color matching enough pearls to the cream of the dress. My client intends to further decorate the gown at her leisure.

Silk Chemise

I finished a silk chemise for one of my clients today. She fancied another silk chemise with box-pleated lace detailing. I altered a thrift store find – adding gussets under the armpits and decorating the cuffs and collar with matching lace. She plans to wear it under her many renaissance gowns. A quick, yet stunning chemise for this noble lady.


Silk Pink Stay: More photos on the way; also: Bigger studio, Out of town

The pink stays had their photoshoot and are now uploaded to corsetry.

In other news my fiance has graciously given up his audio listening room to give me space for a new sewing studio. This week I will be moving, checking inventory, and working on a couple projects (wool kontusz jacket, black and white Renaissance nobles gown & hat, and damask underskirt). Twice as much room will still be snug. I’ll finally be adding a dedicated table for machine embroidery.

Who says an industrial sewing maching isn’t very portable? That being said I hope to not move it again for a while.

Then it is off Scuba diving in Bonaire – expect some delays in e-mail communication April 12-23rd. I’ll be taking along some handsewing of course.

Royal White Eagle household clothes

This dress was given to me to repair as it had been worn as a loaner and had had many adjustments over the year. The dress was not originally constructed by me. I added a steel boned front placket in black cotton brocade and trim to the bottom of the bodice to hide the bagging of the original linen. The foundation layers seem to have shrunk during washing. Perhaps the gown had been made for dry-cleaning only and a guest had machine washed it? Either way it had been too short-bodied on all of the guests who wore it the past year. Although a little big on me it works fairly well. I made the burgundy hat to match and the embroidered caul is Ann Tavan’s handiwork. I adore the color of this linen! Eventually it will be worn with a white linen chemise and white caul with black embroidery.

Household garb

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