Wedding diary: started our own outfits

I’ve started the wedding outfits! I’m still debating between two different silks for the gown. I’ve sent out the request for an estimate to get matching shoes made. I hope to start the grooms outfit this week.

The corset has been patterened, mocked-up, and adustments for minor design changes made. The lining and fashion fabrics are cut out. I’m ordering a new supply of coutil this week before I can complete the corset.

I’m going to make everyone wait for photos till after the wedding. I might sneak in a few previews of detail shots once in a while.
Count down: 7 months till deadline – Jan. 27,2008

Northern Ca Pirate festival: modeling shots

These photos feature various pieces of my costuming pieced together to portray a pirate theme for the Northern California Pirate festival this upcoming weekend. The hats were trimmed and decorated with feathers to add to the overall look.

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Tudor Tailor in Santa Cruz

I am really happy I decided to travel, back down to the bay, to meet the Tudor tailors. I have never had so much fun wrapping my head. Being able to touch and look at the inside of many of the garments was a true treat. I’m inspired to make some aprons for our household on the drive back up. The princess’s highest servants will get white aprons but now I wish to make blue and green ones for the others. I already cut the linen and am heading back to Valhalla in an hour! (

Valhalla Faire and Tudor Tailor

This upcoming two weekends I can be found at the Valhalla faire. I will be wearing the blackwork chemise even though it still lacks its blackwork pleated top edge. A week from today will be an event down in Santa Cruz with The Tudor tailor!

I’m looking forward to both events and am currently in the process of packing. I’m taking a break every so often to rub my head and complain about my horrible sinus headache hoping to recover before the long drive up to Tahoe. I have a kontusz in progress sitting on the sewing maching begging for my attention. E-mail contact will be sparce in the next 10 days.

New website sections in the works

I’m working on a couple new sections to add to the website. These will include a Proprosed Projects and a Luxury services/additions section.

The Proposed projects section was inspired by the plethora of fabrics I’ve been collecting. I’m constantly doing research and planning gowns that will never be if they don’t find the right person. I’m hoping people might be inspired by some sketches, research, and fabric samples.

The Luxury services/additions section was inspired by my current trend of hand covering grommets. I’ve started another bodice and I’m loving the look. This is a truly luxury service at $6 per pair but the end results are so satisfying.