18th century Breeches

I finished up the adjustments on the mock-up of Jeremy’s breeches in some leftover black corduroy material. My fiance has bravely said he will wear 18th century dress for our wedding!

Being me, I couldn’t just make a mock-up of drop front breeches (10+ hours of work) and leave them unfinished. I quickly machine finished them & added closures with grommets to make a pair he can easily use for pirate events that are not requiring complete historical accuracy. I’m tempted to fully line the final pair but will have to account for that in the final patterning.

Our wedding outfits will be inspired by the 18th century but I will not limit myself strictly to adhere to historical accuracy. This is my wedding and not a period event :) That being said, I’m really enjoying researching this project and learing about this era.

Wedding shoes arrived!

When I started planning my wedding both Jeremy and I decide to each splurge on one fancy item to go with our 18th century outfits. He chose a court sword. I chose shoes. Go figure. That said, I’ve already used his sword in a photo shoot or two. Now we need to get a proper scabbard and belt made.

The shoes are made to order by Sarah Juniper in an 18th century style from foot tracing & measurements and covered in a fine figured silk/rayon jacquard. The final fabric choice for the shoes does not match the outfit color identically but I fancied it too much to chose another.


The shorter petticoat photos will be added to the gallery shortly! With final photos pending completion of the corset to match.

Wedding corset sneak peek

I took a couple photos of my wedding corset in progress. I made a design decision not to do a very high back for ease of dancing and I think it looks nice this way. The intention is to have the corset closed in back after breaking it in and fitting the front panel. This is worn over a t-shirt and skirt for quick photos – they are not the final undergarments.


Wedding diary: petticoats galore

I started the short petticoat, for under the wedding gown, which I have seen called a decency skirt.

“An under-petticoat that isn’t very wide and a bit over knee-length, worn between shift and stays. It’s supposed to preserve decency in case you fall or if the panier is lifted by a high wind – there were no drawers underneath. Cut as a rectangle and pleated to the waist with a width of maybe 100-150 cm.”

It is in the same pale blue as the pocket hoops and will feature embroidery around the edge as well. I’m still not sure if the hoops will be used with the gown or not but I couldn’t resist trying to make a pair. Most likely I will use a bump pad. Once that is decided and the shoe height is determined the second petticoat will be started.

Wedding diary: started our own outfits

I’ve started the wedding outfits! I’m still debating between two different silks for the gown. I’ve sent out the request for an estimate to get matching shoes made. I hope to start the grooms outfit this week.

The corset has been patterened, mocked-up, and adustments for minor design changes made. The lining and fashion fabrics are cut out. I’m ordering a new supply of coutil this week before I can complete the corset.

I’m going to make everyone wait for photos till after the wedding. I might sneak in a few previews of detail shots once in a while.
Count down: 7 months till deadline – Jan. 27,2008