Green and Gray Gown: alterations

Shortly after this lovely green & gray Middles gown was finished my client lost a significant amounts of weight to make the outfit unwearable. The bodice just didn’t fit right even overlapped at front. We waited till her weight stabilized and decided to make the alterations at the side back seams.


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Partlet mock-up & sleeve progress

My client’s main concern is to maintain the lightest garment possible (for temperature as well as medical reasons) while attempting to still have a true Renaissance feel to her gown. In this vein we decided to do detachable sleeves with a separate blouse partlet of a fancy embroidered silk. I’m calling this a partlet but I’ve also heard it called a tucker.

Partlet pinned (box-pleated ruff to be added during final construction):

I was super excited to work on this project when she showed me this embroidered fabric. At $60/yard the patterning was done very carefully to minimize fabric usage.

Sleeves in progress:


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Green Middles: almost there – the checklist

Left to complete:

-pad stitching of last piece of interlining – DONE
-press gray banding before pinning lower half – DONE
-hand sew gray banding on bodice- DONE
-hand sew in linen lining – DONE
-tool dip boning – dry overnight – DONE
– insert boning and finish channel ends – DONE
-eyelets – DONE
-draft front panel and construct

-add 9 hooks and 16 eyes to skirt – DONE

Final fitting on this portion of the outfit this friday or early next week :) I’m excited.