Penny Black

Photo courtesy of and copyright Philip Pavliger

The King George IV State Diadem is the newest reproduction crown in our arsenal for Dickens fair Royals:

“The diadem was worn during the coronation procession of Queen Victoria and later Queen Elizabeth II. It is worn by Queen Elizabeth II when travelling to and from the State Opening of Parliament. The diadem, as worn by Queen Victoria (without the cap), appears on the penny black and all her subsequent stamps. The diadem is perfectly circular” As described at Royal Exhibition’s website.

“In order to get each crystal gemstone set in just the right way, Juliette Designs is lucky to be in possession of a very rare book (number 227 out of 500) on The Crown Jewels, published by The Stationary Office. This book closely details the construction and materials of each piece as if they were technical schematics.”- from this article about the jewelry company.

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