2017 Carnivale Venezia- Welcome Party

This was my second time attending Carnivale and my first one where I had some knowledge ahead of time to try to prepare appropriately themed costumes for the events. My best friend Robin attended her first time this year.

Walking around Venice:

San Marco:

Visiting Caffe Florian:

For our first event, a welcome party we attended both in 18th century inspired dresses:

Before the evening events I decided to change into my blue quilted pettioat and white fischu without the hat:

Side by side when getting ready for the day:

We both were unprepared for the number of questions about whether we were twins or sisters. But looking back on the photos, I guess, yes we look a lot a like! We knew, but we didn’t really know even after 8 years of friendship how much we look alike. People have occasionally mistaken us for each other in the Bay area but we live 3 hours away. Now I wonder how many time people I know think I’ve ignored them at event and it was actually Robin who didn’t know them!

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