Dames a la Mode for the win!


I have been away from this blog too long. I have many updates and with the current American Duchess Giveaway I decided to start with updating you on my new accessories. I’d love to feature Dames a la Mode jewelry along with images of Dickens Fair this past weekend. Each year we have a special Royals day where the Royal family stays out longer to visit. I get to change into my ballgown bodice which is rare for Dickens Fair. Therefore I wanted a bit of new bling (as if I don’t already wear enough of it), but more bling is always welcome for the Royal family.

Photos are all courtesy of my husband and ©2015 Tavan Photography. I am so lucky to have these to share. I hope you enjoy them:


Queen Victoria earrings
Queen Victoria Necklace




And our lady-in-waiting in our blue ballgown is wearing an amazing pink necklace & matching earrings from Dames a la Mode as well.

Pink Georgian necklace

And what you can’t see underneath the gown is my carriage boots from American Duchess Victoria Carriage Boots

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