Fabric stash additions

A lovely, deep & rich purple-shot-with-black silk taffeta:

I have a limited amount of this but can buy more if a project demanded a lot of yardage.

Blue & Silver with floral design damask:

I fell in love with this fabric, as it screams “make me into an 18th century gown!”, but alas, there was only 5 yards total on the bolt. We searched the store in hopes of finding another remnant hiding between the cracks. No such luck. I have to nix the robe a la fran├žaise style or make it for a child. A miniature sample gown isn’t such a bad idea…

2 thoughts on “Fabric stash additions”

  1. That damask is GORGEOUS! Surely you could do an 18th c. style with the 5 yards…what about an l’anglaise? Something with a little less fabric than the fraincaise? PLEASE make this into a wearable gown!!!

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