Lil’ Hat

Every once in a while, I find I don’t have the correct costuming for an event in my mammoth closet (s) [hallways, garage, or extra racks around the house]. I had an evening where a bustle dress was preferred because larger Victorian hoops would not be accommodated by the dining room .Thus I borrowed a beautiful navy and white striped bustle dress from Ladykalessia. She packed up her gown along with a straw hat & bunches of silk flowers instructing me to make a hat and have it perch tipping forward on a head of big hair.

Here is the cute hat that came together from striped scraps from the gown, a piece of blue taffeta floating around my workroom and the flowers:

I am going to ask permission from the photographers at the event to hopefully show a photo of me wearing the gown. Until then, go take a peek at Laura’s site for her dress diary on the making of this gown.

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