Wedding diary: buttons using wooden molds

For the Wedding Suitcoat and waistcoat I decided to hand cover 18th century style wooden button molds. I had posted a picture of my hand sewing by candle/fire light when we were without power for a few days and was encouraged to post more. Here are some more detail shots showing the process below.

Sewing by the fire:

Taking the squares and sewing the first sides together:

Sewing the second sides together:

I don’t have a photo but then you trim the corners and sew those in to make them tight to the circular shaping. Here is a photo of them as they piled up:

4 thoughts on “Wedding diary: buttons using wooden molds”

  1. I found it very rewarding. You can see I was enjoying my evenings by the fire with some wine and hand sewing. Two of my favorite things :)

  2. This is really amazing!

    May I please ask you where you found those button molds? I want to try my hand at them and can’t seem to locate them.

    Thank you!

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