My Little Ponies!

I received a recent request to commission a custom my little pony which made me realize I’ve never shared some of my other “hobby” with you guys. First of all I haven’t customized in FOREVER. But I want to do some here and there because they are fun little projects that satisfy my creative bug. They also can be done in a much shorter timespan than say a Victorian ballgown. That being said the Plaid Victorian is almost finished and I’ve already started pleating up a brown & blue striped skirt for another Victorian gown.

Anyway onto photos of a set I did with scraps from some of my sewing projects:

Yes I style pony hair too!

Name the project and I’ll send you some fabric scraps if you e-mail me your address.

One thought on “My Little Ponies!”

  1. I’m pretty sure I can name most of them, but I think I’m preemptively disqualified since I was there. ;)

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