B&C Plaid Victorian

I’m in the progress of making a new Victorian gown for myself. Possibly it will be worn as Queen Victoria this winter, still not sure. I’m making it so it has some elements and style of the original gown but more… Just more.

I wish the fabric wasn’t black and white but I fell in love with it. It is pieced extensively to make a new pattern on the skirt panels. The plaid is super fun but I wanted gradation of the width. I plan on doing the second tier with larger width of horizontal rows and double the size of pleated trim.

The roll of trim for the top was cut from the fabric I purchased that matched the original Dickens fair Queen Victoria cream & blue gown. I’m applying it as a box pleat which will be pulled into the pattern you see above.

I’m contemplating whether to just hand sew the pleated trim as I’ve pinned it or to buy some beads [maybe a brilliant red] or make some self covered buttons perhaps… Still not sure. I’ll do what strikes me. I keep thinking I’m going to add green or red to the gown but neither had made an appearance yet.

2 thoughts on “B&C Plaid Victorian”

  1. I think adding a plain backing right above the beaded edging on the fringe might break up the business a bit and make it stand out more. :) But the pleating! Zomg, so pretty…

  2. Yeah I had it that way first, I think I’ll have to just decrease the upper cream section width so I can move the fringe down because as is it will be too long if I move it down. Planning all the stripes and such to come out to the right patterning and final gown length hurts my brain but I have a plan!

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