Hair and beaded wire caul

Mackenzie asked if I could style her wig for her wedding since I was not available this year to make her gown. Plus she is such a great seamstress I didn’t know why she would even want me to make her gown! But she has entrusted her hair to my hand which I am very flattered by :)

So to start she came over and I braided and twisted up her hairstyle:

To go on the back we decided to add a little bling. I’m using uncoiled gold bullion and hand-beading it with fake pearls:

Handsewing the wig sections to minimize the hairpins which could fall out when taking the wig on and off:

The entire thing is going to have to be cut out of the hair when she eventually decides to re-style the wig because I just could not get the edges of the caul to play nice so a braided piece is fitted around it to hold it in place and it was manipulated to fit the asymmetrical aspects of the hair. I’ll put up photos of the finished wig and hopefully some from her wedding (after I ask Mackenzie’s permission). I can’t wait to see how it comes together with her gown and veil :)

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